Mamallapuram #4

Some thoughts on culture

I’ve imagined for a while now that eventually they will microchip our brains and we will no longer have need for speech as we will communicate with eachother feed to feed (as imagined by M.T. Anderson in his book Feed). Our vocal cords will atrophy and shrivel up in a similar fashion to the appendix, whose original purpose is now anyone’s guess. India, whose ancient roots impart a subtle layer of sophistication to all she endeavors, has already perfected this form of communication, skipping the microchip step entirely.

To wit: I have a brief conversation with Rama one evening about two shirts of mine which should have arrived back from the laundry. but have gone missing. The next evening when I return from work, Parthi is standing in the courtyard.

We lock eyes.
I raise my eyebrows, tilt my head, and look hopeful.
He wobbles his head.
He goes into the closet and hands me my shirts.
I hand him twenty rupees.

End of conversation.
No microchip.
Just India.

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